Traffic Signal Improvements Project


Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/7/24 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of Suisun
Nick Lozano, & Gemma Geluz,  


City of Suisun City, CA


The project scope is to upgrade the eleven traffic signals in Suisun City. These traffic signals are located on Suisun City’s major arterials, at the following intersections per the attached Location Map:

1. Main Street and Lotz Way.

2. Sunset Avenue at driveways to the Heritage Shopping Center and Sunset Avenue Shopping


3. Sunset Avenue and Merganser Drive.

4. Sunset Avenue and Pintail Drive.

5. Sunset Avenue and Railroad Avenue West (aka New Railroad Avenue).

6. Sunset Avenue and Railroad Avenue East (aka Old Railroad Avenue).

7. Walters Road at the Walmart main driveway, the first intersection north of State Route 12.

8. Walters Road and Petersen Road.

9. Walters Road and Montebello Drive/Mammoth Way.

10. Walters Road and Pintail Drive.

11. Walters Road and Bella Vista Drive.

The traffic signal improvements include, but are not limited to, the following: upgrading and standardizing hardware and corresponding devices, such as replacing and/or installing cabinets/controllers and associated ethernet switches, CPUs and updating firmware, conduits and pullboxes, as well as installing backup batteries, Intuicom Axiom radios with built-in antennas, vehicle detection video cameras, pedestrian pushbuttons, countdown pedestrian heads, signal posts, 2” yellow reflective borders on existing signal back plates, signs, pavement striping and markers; removing portions of existing raised median island and constructing stamped asphalt concrete pavement to match existing stamped asphalt concrete pavement; and reconfiguring video detection zones.

For bonding purposes, the Engineers Estimate is $1,200,000.